Month: July 2016

Keeping this short

but wanted to chime in that I recently (Early January) had a medical emergency (seizure) that put me in the hospital for three days. Unfortunately I was transitioning to a new job and had no health insurance (went to hospital on the day I was supposed to start new job).

We are now looking at about $40K in medical expenses because I was uninsured at the time of care and my spouse is currently unemployed. But he was able to eventually submit a hardship letter to the billing departments and we are looking at a 50% reduction in our medical costs. Nothing to sneeze at but I say this to encourage you to try to find a person / address you can submit a hardship letter to (that’s what we did) because that will put you on file and provide a paper trail.

We were debt free up until this incident and it while it’s stressful as hell, we have a plan and are onboard together to get this paid off as soon as possible.