After 6 long weeks of waiting BCBS

finally admitted that the mess up in my deductible (not dh’s mine) is their fault and they are redoing it so now I don’t have to shell out $6,000 on deductibles for 2015. Finally! They said it would be a bit before it would show up on the records but gave me a confirmation # to give the hospital and doctors that were getting really cranky about the bill. So that is $6,032 saved (they had also charged us $32 over our out of pocket limit)
We have taken out part B medicare this year affective Jan 1, 2017 so we shouldn’t have this problem again. It came in at a far lower premium than we expected too (about half), so that is good news.
The great news is last week the last of the cancer doctors officially told me she thought I was 100% cured with little to no chance of recurrence on Wednesday. I’ll of course still need to have regular check-ups every 6 months. I can live with that. Sure beats having chemo (she is the chemo doctor) and radiation (talked to him 2 weeks ago). I have one more post op to do next Monday but it is just that a post op and I feel wonderful.
During the Christmas holidays we had a torrential rain storm and Murphy came to play. Blew shingles off our free standing garage, and the roof on the house sprang 4 leaks, which in turn did some serious damage to the ceilings in four places. Furnace also went belly up about that time.
I decided to call the insurance company just in case. Dh didn’t think it was covered because of the age of everything and talked me out of it. Well I decided to go ahead and call them last Thursday. I figured the worst they could do is say no and laugh that I even called The adjuster came out on Friday.
Long and short when it is all said and done they are paying 100% less our deductible for both roofs and ceiling repair. Nothing on the furnace unless the repair man will swear it was lightening damage and there wasn’t that much lightening in that storm and the furnace is 30 years old, so it probably died of natural causes. So glad I called because we are talking a total of about $16,000. And that is why we have full replacement value insurance.
So we are pretty happy campers on that point.