Hello all!

It has been a while since i’ve posted. I’ve been reading my daily emails of most of your posts (and following your health Jan, which I am glad has turned positive!). So the end of 2016 got pretty hairy for dh and I. We planned a big actual wedding ceremony (we were already married legally but couldn’t afford the big day previously), so we did that in September. I lost my father unexpectedly a few days before the wedding day sadly, and the end of the year just kind of tailspun into financial craziness as I dealt with that loss. I reversed a lot of my progress by loosening the reigns on spending and we’ve racked back up some credit card debt. I’m out of my funk, and now I have to deal with the mess I made for myself. Good news is I just sent our tax info off to the accountant and anticipate a refund that will take a nice bite out of the mess and allow us to do some needed repairs to our roof before that gets worse.
I feel so ashamed that I let things get back to this point, but I am glad to be back in a place where we can fix it. Once we get that tax refund applied we plan to make a debt pay off chart and get to it.
Hope this year is a good one for you all!