Hello, I just returned from a 2-day Seacret Convention

That was, once again, set up to make you loose your mind in their business concept that you too could become a wealthy individual in no time, but because of my former experience with NBV’s and I suppose my practical mind and good conscious, rather than getting blown out of the water by the tremendous hype and emotional and moving testimonials, I instead took a huge step back to seriously ponder and put myself in check. I realized how incredibly irrational and irresponsible I would be to do what the company was telling me I needed to do, and always at that very moment; they are always saying, “the time is NOW”. I am disgusted by the same familiar “sales pitch” and “emotional chaos” they cause by saying everyone has an equal chance of getting rich, but deep down inside, I know that because everyone is not equal, the majority of those people will fail. I read a great article in Inc Magazine, dated 2016, entitled, NBV Mischief, it was by, what appeared to be, a well-respected successful CEO named, Howard Brodsky. I completely related to what Brodsky said and realized that I almost got caught once again, in the ultimate of schemes, the NBV. Then I searched some more and found this blog site. I need a personal loan from 1000 to 5000 us dollars. What you think about rates and APR at lendme1000? I am now feeling like I am at the beginning of my own personal crusade; against the NBV’ers, but really in the real hope of educating as many people about these schemes and trying to help as many people to realize their own potentials to do what they want to do, with pride, integrity, responsibly and sensibly. Is there anyone out there who feels this way and who has recently gotten involved in Seacret direct? I just can’t stop thinking about the cute little old lady I saw walk out of the hotel elevator who looked up at me with her sweet smile, a glisten of hope in her little old eyes; she was there on a song and a prayer and all I could think about was how sad I felt because I somehow know deep in my heart that she doesn’t stand a chance of making that fortune they preached to her about for 2 days straight, not to mention, probably took the last of her living expenses.