The calling hours for bill collectors is YOUR local time, not theirs

You may be on the east coast and them on the west or vice versa. It also may be a good idea to be able to record phone calls where you can hear both parties. That gives you an audio transcript. I remember DR giving an example of a guy who was called about his brother’s debt (1st mistake) and called outside the permissible calling hours (different time zones, 2nd mistake). He got it all recorded. The company owed money almost had to end up paying the guy who owed the debt to to all the errors they committed. LOL No, it’s not really funny. But the collections industry is known for abusing debtors.

Whether you record phone calls or not just keep really good records of who called you, who you called, what was said, etc. It really is best to do everything by letter. It provides a written record, a time line, names, dates, etc.

Oh, just because they “say” you owe such and such, don’t take their word for it. Get a detailed statement showing all charges, fees, interest, penalties, etc., payments (and sources of payment) to the account and the dates for all those things. Sometimes they screw things up and get it wrong.

If it’s a medical bill, make sure they have properly filed with any and ALL applicable insurance agencies. Our dd had a major procedure last November. The hospital filed with Medicare (she is on disability) but forgot to file with Blue Cross. When I got the bill for about $2500.00, the first thing I asked is whether they filed with both insurances. Sure enough, they did not. I have not heard back from them since! It is important they file in a timely manner because there is often a time frame for submitting claims. If they wait too long the claim will get kicked back for late submission.